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All-in-One Kitchen Sink Buying Guide

TAPS & MORE Dubai | All-in-One Kitchen Sink Buying Guide

So you want to remodel your kitchen! That’s indeed a great decision. Let’s face it, the heart of every home is its kitchen. Trendy kitchens are the next big thing. Choosing proper fittings for your kitchen sink can be an arduous job. With so much to choose from in the market, it gets tedious to pinpoint a particular style.

Are you someone who is planning to install a new kitchen sink and sink mixer but is not sure what to purchase and from where? In that case, this article is for you!

It’s essential to consider the day-to-day usage, the family size, and the kitchen size when one plans to install a kitchen sink. Secondly, you should choose the material of your choice, and while choosing, you will have to consider your budget, home interior, and decor. Given below are some of the common sink materials that you will find in UAE and Middle East markets :-

1. Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks :- Stainless Steel kitchen sinks are the most common kitchen sinks in the world. It is durable and lightweight and can last for years. Moreover, it is a pocket-friendly option and compliments almost all home interiors and decors.

TAPS & MORE Dubai | All-in-One Kitchen Sink Buying Guide

2. Granite Kitchen Sinks:- These sinks are made of Silgranit. They are water repellant, dust repellant, and very easy to clean. The wonderfully tactile surface of Silgranit sinks gives a stone-like feel and velvety to the touch, exuding a modern, matte look that softly ties in with surrounding materials in your kitchen. They can also endure high temperatures and acidic food products and cleaning supplies.

TAPS & MORE Dubai | All-in-One Kitchen Sink Buying Guide

Kitchen Sink in Dubai | TAPS & MORE

TAPS & MORE Dubai | All-in-One Kitchen Sink Buying Guide

Now that we have covered the what to purchase part of the equation, let’s talk about where you can buy a kitchen sink of your choice. TAPS & MORE is the answer. They are a UAE-based company that deals in bathroom, kitchen, and plumbing product solutions. So, if you are from Dubai and planning to install a new kitchen sink here’s why you should consider TAPS & MORE:

  • They have a wide range of collections that suit your style. Their designs will give your home a classy, sleek, and unique look. They also stock a lot of BLANCO (BLANCO is a very respectable brand in producing very high-quality kitchen sink and kitchen mixers being distributed globally) models.
  • They have a capable team that can assist you and gives excellent advice based on your preference. So, all of your problems are taken care of right away.
  • You can also opt for the online shopping option and shop from the comfort of your home. All you have to do is visit their site, choose a product of your choice and contact them. They will give you the best-customized prices on all their products along with all necessary technical details! Hurry!

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