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How Do You Choose the Right Sink?

Kitchen Sink Dubai

The kitchen sink would win an award for the most task-oriented area if such an honor existed! Despite being the main point, homeowners sometimes overlook how inefficient sinks and taps may degrade the overall efficiency of the area. As a result, sinks should never be the underappreciated kitchen feature that they frequently are. A sink isn’t something you can swap out in a flash, either, implying that picking the perfect sink is one of the most crucial decisions you’ll take during your home renovation. So, here’s everything you should think about purchasing a kitchen sink in Dubai.

Make A Decision Based on The Configuration

A kitchen sink in Dubai is no longer just a single basin; nowadays, they exist in various shapes and sizes, each adapted to a distinct multi-tasking style. Single basin sinks are the most prevalent because they can accommodate many oversized utensils at once. This sort of kitchen sink may be used in almost any type of kitchen. The counterbalanced kitchen sink by TAPS & MORE features two bowls, one big and one tiny, allowing you to prepare food and clean up in the same area. Finally, the split kitchen sink has two equivalent basins that can hold more pans and pots while also saving room. It is excellent for those who party frequently or use many dishes.

Choose Your Favorite Shape

Even if you aren’t going to install a costly marble sink, the contour of your kitchen sink in Dubai is still essential. Because debris and trash do not get trapped in corners, many homeowners feel that basins with curved corners are simpler to clean. By exhibiting clean top edges and rounded bottom corners, newer sinks kill two birds with one stone. When paired with a connected drainboard, this kitchen sink is an excellent choice for any home. But ensure you have had enough tabletop space to accommodate everything!

Concentrate on The Correct Material

When choosing sinks, stainless steel is the most popular option. It’s tough, long-lasting, and almost indestructible. Water stains will occur when you have hard water flowing from your taps, but this won’t stop you from using the sink. Porcelain sinks are more appropriate for historical kitchens or country feel. But watch out for chipping! Marble and granite are other attractive options for a kitchen sink in Dubai, but they may be costly and time-consuming to maintain in the long run.

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Use Practical Taps

Taps may appear to be a simple fashion choice, yet they may make or ruin your experience. Even if you opt for the traditional two-knob faucet, consider adding an extending shower or spray arm to assist in clearing out the sink’s distant corners and filling large pots.

Maintain A Consistent Height

The first pieces of a modular system to be specified were the sink and countertop. On the other hand, the kitchen counter height may vary depending on the size of the individual using the kitchen. There should be around a 15cm space between your shoulder level and the countertop. As a result, for obvious reasons, the kitchen sink in Dubai is nearly always similar to the height of the countertop.


The cost of the kitchen sink in Dubai is determined by several criteria, including the material, size, and type. Stainless steel and quartz are the two most common substances used in kitchen sinks. A stainless-steel sink costs roughly $3000 for a single bowl, whereas a quartz sink costs around $5400 for a single bowl. Although this is the starting point, the final price will depend on the size, kind, and location.


When deciding on the size of your kitchen sink in Dubai, there are various factors to consider. The standard size of a sink is about 22″ x 30″ in most cases. Single sinks can be 36 inches wide, whereas dual bowl sinks can be 48 inches wide. Another issue to think about is the sink’s depth. Sinks range in depth from 6 to 12 inches. If you usually pile your dirty dishes, go for a sink with a deeper depth.

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Designing a kitchen may be stressful, but understanding your alternatives ahead of time can make it much simpler to tick items off your to-do list! Start by thinking about how you clean and cook, and you’ll discover a kitchen sink you’ll enjoy. You can visit TAPS & MORE to search for a beautiful and top-quality kitchen sink in Dubai. They offer some of the best products and designs in the market, and you will be sure to get everything you need there.