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Inset / Flushmount - sink 1 bowl 1 drainer (1)

Undermount - Silgranit sink 1 bowl (4)

Undermount - Silgranit sink 2 bowl (4)

Aesthetic cover for outlet (1)

Drainer (1)

Floating Grid for Naya XL 9 sinks (1)

Inset - sink 1 ½ bowl 1 drainer (2)

Inset - sink 1 bowl (12)

Inset - sink 1 bowl 1 drainer (6)

Inset - sink 2 bowl (4)

Inset - sink 2 bowl 1 drainer (4)

Inset/Flush/Undermount - sink 1 bowl (1)

Silgranit sink 1 ½ bowl 1 drainer (8)

Silgranit sink 1 bowl (15)

Silgranit sink 1 bowl 1 drainer (8)

Silgranit sink 2 bowl (7)

Silgranit sink 2 bowl 1 drainer (8)

Undermount - sink 1 bowl (4)

Undermount - sink 2 bowl (2)


Trendy kitchens are the newest cool!

It’s that place in your house where you create a delicious meal, hang out with a closed one over a cup of coffee, or spend some alone time to retrospect on life as you make yourself a midnight snack to munch on! In short, the kitchen is quite an underrated yet essential part of our lives.

That is why refurbishing the kitchen with an exquisite kitchen sink sounds just like the right thing to do! It will take your kitchen decor a notch higher!

Are you someone who is planning to install a new kitchen sink and sink mixer but not sure where to purchase it from? TAPS & MORE is the right place for you!

Kitchen Sinks in Dubai | TAPS & MORE

We are a UAE-based company that deals in bathroom, kitchen and plumbing product solutions.

We completely understand and value the idea that your kitchen means a lot to you, which is why we have come up with an exclusive range of kitchen sinks that are designed just to suit your style. BLANCO is a very respectable brand that is a specialist in producing very high quality kitchen sink and kitchen mixers being distributed all over the world. We stock good selection of BLANCO models to choose from at our Regional Distribution Centre in Dubai. We also have dedicated BLANCO section at our TAPS & MORE Flagship Showroom in Warsan where our capable team can sure assist you and give you excellent advice on ow to go with your dream kitchen. With our reliable partnership with BLANCO, our vision as a company is to rapidly grow and extend our business, in order to become the most trusted kitchen sink suppliers in all of Dubai and across the Middle East.

Not only that, if you are looking to purchase the kitchen sink of your dreams right from the comfort of your home, all you have to do is look up kitchen sink online shopping on the internet, visit our website at, choose your favorite product, and contact us! We will give you the best-customized prices on all our products along with all necessary technical details direct to your inbox or via WhatsApp! Get ready to be flooded with compliments on your kitchen sink every time guests come over!

Types of kitchen sink and kitchen sink mixer that you will find at TAPS & MORE


BLANCO has been using top quality stainless steel for their kitchen sinks. This material is still the best and fast selling sink as stainless steel is strong, steadfast, tear-resistant, retains its shine, does not leave germs and bacteria behind and very easy to maintain.  Types of sinks made of stainless steel that is available with TAPS & MORE are inset sink, flush-mount sink and undermount sink.


BLANCO produce kitchen sink that can blend well with different theme of your kitchen. This is only possible with material that can offer large variety of colours, that is granite sinks consist of Silgranit – a composite material made of up to 80 % quartz sand, the strongest component of granite. This material is water-repellent, dirt repellent and very easy to clean. The wonderfully tactile surface of Silgranit sinks gave a stone-like feel and velvety to the touch, exuding a modern, matte look that softly ties in with surrounding materials in your kitchen. Silgranit is heat-resistant that can deal with usual temperatures reached on pots, pans and baking trays when preparing food. Silgranit is also resistant to food acids like lemons and oranges even vinegar and acid-based cleaning products. Types of sinks made of silgranit in different colours that is available with TAPS & MORE are inset sink, flush-mount sink and undermount sink.

● Kitchen Sink Mixers

BLANCO sink mixers are designed to match your beautiful kitchen sink and the whole theme of your entire kitchen. From simple low spout mixer to high end professional mixer, TAPS & MORE will definitely have solution for all your sink mixer needs.

If you’re looking to buy original and high-quality bathroom, kitchen and plumbing products, in Dubai and across the Middle East, visit our website at Go through the unlimited range of exclusive products. Once you’ve found the fittings of your dreams, contact us to grab the best deals and offers on them! Our offers are valid for a limited period! Hurry!

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