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Washbasin Suppliers in Dubai

Washbasins are integral parts of our kitchens and bathrooms! It’s the first thing we require every morning and the last thing we use before hitting the bed every night. Without a proper washbasin setup installed into your kitchens or rooms, there is a maximum chance of water spilling everywhere no matter what you’re doing, especially while washing your hands or washing your face. Spilling dirty water everywhere and making a mess is not a pleasant scene to witness. It can make cleaning up extremely difficult afterward.

If you’re tired of your dull washbasin and you’re looking to upgrade to something that makes your life easier, you must consider TAPS & MORE washbasin collections.

TAPS & MORE is one of the topmost washbasin suppliers in Dubai and in the UAE market and across the Middle East. They are a UAE based company that aims to provide turnkey solutions to all your bathroom, kitchen and plumbing requirements. The company specializes in kitchenware, bathroom and plumbing products as well as great customer services. Their exclusive range of products contains intricate modern & timeless designs, and most importantly TAPS & MORE is stocking a large quantity of variety of almost all Manufacturers they represent so as to give the most efficient service to all esteemed partners & customers.  TAPS & MORE’s goal as a company is to continuously grow and evolve to be the most reliable distributors and suppliers of bathroom, kitchen and plumbing solutions in the Middle East.

ceramic taps more

TAPS & MORE offers a wide variety of washbasins for you to choose from, including:

● Under counter type basin

This variety of basins is place under the work top / counter of your kitchen or bathroom. It is well fitted into the hole of marble or ceramic counter and only allows you to see the bowl of the basin. Under counter type basins are in trend, and you can find them in most households, hotels, offices and resorts these days.

● Countertop type basin

A countertop basin is a basin that is mounted to a flat surface which can be a wall hung basin shelf made of wood, or marble, can be a long counter or a vanity unit. Countertop type basins enhance the aesthetic elements of the bathroom counters where they are placed. In this variety, the body of the basin will be placed over the work top or a counter and basin’s rim is completely visible.

● Lay-on type basin

Lay on basins sits directly on top of a counter (can be a marble counter, ceramic counter, wood counter) or a vanity unit with bottle trap and plumbing fittings underneath. Lay on type basins enhance the aesthetic elements of the bathroom counters where they are placed. This type of basins emphasizes the characteristics of the basin’s shape, size, color and its total design.

● Semi-recessed type basin

A semi recessed basin is the one that fits very perfectly and stylishly into a bathroom work top or vanity unit. The basin has been designed so the front of the basin is left to hang slightly over the counter of the worktop or vanity unit. Basically, this is like half under-counter and half counter-top.

● Floor standing or Free-standing type basin

Floor standing or Free-standing basins are one of the most elegant type of basins. Plumbing connection for this type of basin can be from the floor or from the wall. Free standing basin has very precise design flowing from the rim of the basin to the floor. Different designs made from different materials are possible with this type of basin.

● Basin with pedestal

Basin with pedestal is the most common type of bathroom basins. Pedestal can be half-pedestal or floor pedestal. One of the most advantage of this basin type is that a pedestal basin hides the pipework behind your basin which connects to your mixers.

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