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4 Simple Steps to Install the Bathroom Floor Drain

TAPS & MORE Dubai | 4 Simple Steps to Install the Bathroom Floor Drain

Floor drains are installed in multiple places around the home. Although the shower and laundry rooms are some of the most common places where drains are installed, you can install floor drains at any place where you conduct water business. A Floor Drain in Dubai is an essential part of every bathroom and you must install them correctly to ensure proper functioning. Since it is an escape route for water, it must be installed accurately to ensure the water is collected and directed towards the drainage. Proper installation of the drain consists of several steps. To ensure it is accurate we have shared this in-depth installation guide that also serves as a manual. Here are 4 essential steps that you must follow while installing floor drains in your home.

Preparing the Location

The first step when installing a Floor Drain in Dubai is to prepare the location. You need to choose the right location and prepare it beforehand. First, you will need to check whether the site is damaged and if the accessories are complete. It is essential to make sure all the plumbing accessories and systems are in place to ensure the proper installation of your floor drain. Next, you will need to check for gravel inside the pipe. If you find dust and debris inside the pipe, it must be removed. After you have cleaned the pipes, wrap the drain with a rag to ensure debris or dust does not fall into the pipe during the installation process.

Waterproofing the Ground

The installation of a Floor Drain in Dubai is carried out at the same time as the floor tiles. This is why you cannot install the drain before waterproofing is completed. You must waterproof the ground before the drains are installed and covered with floor tiles. The process of waterproofing will not consume much time, but it is an essential step that must not be skipped. Wipe cement on the back of your floor drain and align it with the water outlet. Once these steps are completed, cover the floor drain panel to ensure it is waterproof.

TAPS & MORE Dubai | 4 Simple Steps to Install the Bathroom Floor Drain

Digging the Ground

After you have prepared the location and waterproofed your floor drain, you will have to make sure the position of the ground is lower than the surrounding floor tiles. To ensure the water is collected and leads to the drain, it must be on the lowest point on the floor. The floor drain has to be on the slope of the flowing water. While installing a Floor Drain in Dubai the general rule is to place a drain on the installation pipe. Make sure to measure and determine the cutting size of the tile properly before digging the ground. Once the tile is cut and the floor drain is fixed, the tiles are formed around the drain to create a slope that will lead water to the sewage.

TAPS & MORE Dubai | 4 Simple Steps to Install the Bathroom Floor Drain

Fixing the Tiles

Once the tiles are installed, you will need to fix your floor tiles. You have to use a strong adhesive to fix and bond your floor tiles. Using reliable adhesives will ensure long life. You must ensure that drain is located properly and must not emit through the gap. After the installation, you should also ensure that none of the debris is falling through the water pipe. If the floor pipe is constantly enduring debris, the normal use of the floor drain will be affected. It will reduce the shelf life of the floor drain and it will be damaged due to everyday wear and tear.

Final Words

A floor drain is an important part of the home and it must be installed properly across your bathrooms, kitchen, and laundry rooms. If you are installing the floor drain yourself, this guide will help you through the process. In addition to following the right steps, you should also get the best Floor Drain in Dubai for your homes. Have a look at the collection of TAPS & MORE. We offer a variety of floor drains to choose from that will be perfect for your varying needs. Browse our collection from our website or get in touch with our specialized team at +9714 3207300.