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Everything You Need to Know About Floor Drains

TAPS & MORE Dubai | Everything You Need to Know About Floor Drains

A drainage system is an elaborate unit. This system includes all the plumbing fixtures and is used to connect drainage pipes. A variety of plumbing fixtures is used in a drainage system such as faucets, showers, toilets, bathtubs, sinks, etc. All of these fixtures are ultimately connected to drainage pipes. The drainage system is used in both kitchens and bathrooms. All drains, be it a kitchen, shower, or toilet lead the water to the drain. However, the most critical part of the drainage system is floor drains.

These are similar to your bathroom drains and are installed with a flush with the floor surface. All of these floor drains feature a drain cover. These units have drain traps like every other drain in the house. One of the most significant differences is that floor drains are primarily installed in garages, laundry rooms, basements, and older bathrooms. In addition to all of these places, floor drains are sometimes used in driveways and patios.

We have indoor floor drains installed in our houses, and outdoor ones are installed outside the home. Indoor floor drains perform the function of capturing and draining overflow water from plumbing fixtures. This means the drains are used to capture and drain excess water from washing machines, water heaters, sinks, etc. On the other hand, outdoor floor drains are used for draining rainwater away from the house. A floor drain is a necessary addition to a house, and maintaining them is essential. The following tips will help you keep the drains in excellent conditions and ensure their longevity.

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Regular and Thorough Cleaning

Similar to other parts of your plumbing system, floor drains also require proper and regular cleaning. However, this does not mean that you have to clean your floor drains every day. Cleaning your drain once every four months is optimal. This will keep them clean and ensure they do not clog up. While cleaning, make sure you remove the drain cover and check for dust and debris. If you find it, you can use a hose to clean it, or you can also remove it manually. If you find it difficult to remove it manually or use a hose, using a safe liquid drain cleaner is also an effective way to thoroughly clean it.

Filling Drain Traps Regularly

Drain traps are the most crucial component of a floor drain. The drain trap on floor drains is similar to every other drain in the house. These traps are used to prevent sewer smells and gasses from coming back to your house. This is why it is essential that your drain traps are always filled with water. You can also refill them by pouring a specific amount of water down your floor drain once in a while. Water in the drain trap is essential to keep the bad smell and gasses away from the house ensuring a clean and odor-free home.

Unclogging Them Immediately

Installing a floor drain in Dubai, UAE is not enough, you need to maintain them. Unclogging them is a regular part of the job. Floor drains have to handle a variety of dust and debris. This debris will cause clogs at any time. Thus, it is essential to remove all clogs in your floor drain immediately. Make sure to keep checking the sign of clogging, which can lead to slow draining. You can unclog the drain using a plunger or use a solution of vinegar and baking soda to keep your floor drains unclogged. If you face difficulty while unclogging your drains, contacting a trained professional will be the best choice.

Use Soapy Water for Cleaning

In addition to these tips, a bucket of soapy water can also do wonders for your floor drains. Unclogging a floor drain also includes mopping near it. If the drain dries out, it will become more difficult to unclog. Thus, it is essential to check whether the clog has dried out. If it is, you can fix it by pouring a large amount of soapy water into the drain. This will not only be a quick fix for a dried-out clog, but it will also reveal if there is a clog buildup. If water is draining out slowly, it is a clear indication that the drain is dried out and requires cleaning.

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Don’t Ignore Store Room Drains

Stock rooms and storeroom drains are often overlooked and ignored. Over time, these drains can dry out and be filled with litter and dirt. This can lead to a clog in your sewer line. These clogs will be expensive to fix, but with a little time and effort, these will be easy to avoid. Make sure employees mop and clean the dormant stock rooms once in a few weeks and months. It will help you keep your floor drains in good condition and avoid serious clogs.

Final Words

Floor drains are an integral part of every house, and maintaining them is essential to ensure the proper functioning of your sewage system. Preventative care and some simple steps will be effective in keeping your floor drain in perfect condition. To ensure proper use, you must install top-quality floor drains in your house. High-quality floor drains will be easier to maintain and will keep preventing expensive problems. If you are looking for a trusted supplier to provide you with the best floor drains in Dubai, UAE, have a look at TAPS & MORE. Visit our website to browse our extensive range of products, or get in touch with our team at

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