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What Are the Best Brands of Sanitary Wares in Dubai?

TAPS & MORE Dubai | What Are the Best Brands of Sanitary Wares in Dubai?

Sanitary items are one of the most critical components of a home, but they’re also the most neglected. Bathrooms are an essential part of people’s lives, and they should be luxurious and stylish. Different sanitary ware brands are available in Dubai, making it difficult to choose the right one for your needs. To assist you, we’ve compiled a list of the finest brands of sanitary wares in Dubai to choose from.

TAPS & MORE Dubai | What Are the Best Brands of Sanitary Wares in Dubai?


With a worldwide distribution network, LAUFEN, a premium brand underneath the ROCA banner, is among the world’s largest makers of sanitary wares in Dubai. This highly traditional Swiss brand’s personality displays a synergy of style, quality, and usefulness. For over 125 years, the LAUFEN trademark has made revolutionary sanitary items in state-of-the-art factories with famous Swiss precision utilizing the oldest flexible material known to man.


Jika is a famous sanitary ware brand from the Czech Republic. Many people are already acquainted with the company’s products, including high-quality sanitary wares in Dubai. The Jika firm delights its clients with fresh collections created following current fashion trends. Brand items have a functional and relatively basic design that is trendy. The management of the firm applies creativity to the company’s growth.

AXA Ceramics

Since 1995, AXA has been searching for a new bathroom environment idea that can communicate the profound enthusiasm for ceramics. From the thinking comes the idea, which is unveiled with the ideal mix of professional hands working in a lengthy process that is only fulfilled by the development of one-of-a-kind goods able to make the shower the absolute star of the home. They provide the most excellent sanitary wares in Dubai by blending the best of traditional Italian craftsmanship with the most cutting-edge technology and constant attention to changing design and functionality.

TAPS & MORE Dubai | What Are the Best Brands of Sanitary Wares in Dubai?


As a leading supplier of elevated design and wellness, Hoesch stands out for its superb overall expertise in the bathroom and wellness area. The materials used in Hoesch products are of the highest quality. New models and functional bathroom accessories are added to the product line regularly. The collection includes everything from affordable entry-level models to high-end luxury sanitary wares in Dubai.


Glass and steel, architecture and shape, purpose and sensuality are all combined in Bette’s work. They deliver excellent sanitary ware by combining model diversity and adjustable forms with the highest design standards and impeccable craftsmanship. They’ve imagined new avenues for the washroom as a living place with zeal. They produce high-quality sanitary wares in Dubai. Long-term relationships and personal counsel from their own sales team and branch offices are vital. Bette is a leading sanitary provider in far more than 30 countries.


Novellini is a renowned manufacturer of shower enclosures, whirlpool bathtubs, shower trays, columns, and whirlpool shower cubicles. It creates an impact in the lives of people worldwide who are looking for quality in their homes and lives. They accomplish so by combining cutting-edge technology with passion and intellectual engagement.

TAPS & MORE Dubai | What Are the Best Brands of Sanitary Wares in Dubai?

Washbasins of various sizes, toilets, and some of the most advanced technologies are among their top sanitary wares in Dubai. Novellini’s ceramic range helps you in making a stylistic statement with sharp, cubic angles and clear lines. The collection is adaptive and versatile, appropriate for large projects and commercial settings.


So, there you have it: The top brands of sanitary wares in Dubai. TAPS & MORE, one of Dubai’s leading sanitary ware suppliers, has hand-picked these products for you. Now it’s your chance to go further into the brands and select the products that fulfill your needs.

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