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Why is a Shower Tray a better solution than a Shower Enclosure without the Shower Tray?

TAPS & MORE Dubai | Why is a Shower Tray a better solution than a Shower Enclosure without the Shower Tray?

Choosing bathing equipment is one of the most important decisions when designing a bathroom. Since showers are installed in almost every bathroom, you need to ensure it is installed perfectly. Shower trays are considered an integral part of the bathroom. These spaces are dedicated just for showering and contain fixtures, taps, and storage shelves. Many people often cover that area using glass and create an enclosed space for showering. While shower trays are extremely common and are a part of many modern bathrooms, shower enclosures are preferred by a few homeowners.

Both of these are primarily used to create a dedicated showering space within the bathroom. However, a shower enclosure completely shuts it off and makes it private. Although it is preferred by some homeowners, shower trays are a better option out of these two. A shower tray without an enclosure gives you space to move and makes the bathroom look bigger. If you are designing or upgrading your bathroom, this guide will help you understand the difference between the two and reveal why a shower tray without an enclosure is a better option.

Easy to Assemble

Since shower trays do not have any gates or enclosures, assembling them is comparatively very easy. You can build a shower tray a little lower than the rest of the floor to keep the wet area separate. Adding a drain just below the shower will also help maintain a clean bathroom. A shower tray can be easily built along with the rest of the bathroom, or you can get it installed later as well. Since all the work lies on the floor, the assembly is much easier and quicker. Installing a shower enclosure will require a long time and more effort. Along with the tray you will need to add glasses around the shower which takes up space, money, and a longer time.

Comfortable to Use

A shower tray is comparatively easier to use. This structure contains no gates or walls, making it easier to get in and get out. The tray is installed within the flooring and creates a semi-dedicated space for a shower. Since there are no gates, older adults and specially-abled people can also get in or out with ease. However, an enclosure will include gate walls that will close the shower area. It will be difficult to get in and out and might not be suitable for older people or specially-abled people.


In terms of functionality, a shower tray is much better without the enclosure. For extra space, you can add shelves and small compartments to create extra space in your bathroom. It is an absolute game changer if your bathroom is small. However, if you install enclosures with your shower trays, you will not be able to add any extra storage. If the area of the bathroom is limited, you might feel claustrophobic in your bathroom. The added glass walls will make the bathroom appear even smaller and you may not be able to move freely. It will hinder your experience and may affect the experience of your guests as well.

TAPS & MORE Dubai | Why is a Shower Tray a better solution than a Shower Enclosure without the Shower Tray?

Helps keep your shower clean

A bathroom is used multiple times during the day, which means it is prone to getting dirty. You will need to clean your bathroom at regular intervals to ensure your bathroom is fresh and hygienic. This task will become difficult if you decide to add enclosures to your shower trays. There are already several spaces in the bathroom that require regular cleaning, and the glass enclosure walls will become one of them. Glass walls will not just get dirty from the inside but outside as well. While showering you may touch the glass, and the steam will trap dust particles, making them stick to the glass wall. Thus, the cleaning process will become more extensive and difficult. If you want a hassle-free bathroom, a shower tray without an enclosure will be the right fit.

Less costly to build

Building a bathroom is expensive. You need to install high-quality tiles, fixtures, and basins to ensure longevity and freshness in your bathroom. However, the cost will be increased if you decide to add enclosures around shower trays. These enclosing walls are made of high-quality glass and will require a significant amount of funds. Not only will you need to buy glass walls, but you will need professional help to install them as well. Thus, an enclosed shower tray is more expensive and difficult to install. Simple shower trays on the other hand can be installed easily and will not cost a fortune.

Final Words

TAPS & MORE Dubai | Why is a Shower Tray a better solution than a Shower Enclosure without the Shower Tray?

Installing a shower tray is an important decision, and you must assess whether or not enclosures are right for you. In most cases, shower trays without enclosures are a better choice, but some people prefer enclosed spaces around their showers. In both cases, you need a trusted provider to help you with that, TAPS & MORE is one of the leading names in Dubai. You can browse our collection and contact our specialized team for your project at