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How to choose the most suitable washbasin for your bathroom?

TAPS & MORE Dubai | How to choose the most suitable washbasin for your bathroom?

Most families are now upgrading their homes to accommodate their new requirements. Everything from appliances to wall colors has become an important decision when renovating homes. Since bathrooms are one of the most important rooms in a home, their style should match the overall aesthetics of the home. Many things go into making a beautiful bathroom and a wash basin is one of them. A basin is often considered a focal point of the bathroom and must be chosen wisely.

If you pick the wrong size, it may look too big or too small for your bathroom. Picking the right material is important as well to ensure longevity. Thus, you need to consider an array of factors before picking the right washbasin for yourself. If you are just getting into designing a bathroom and feeling confused about which wash basin to pick, this guide is for you. Listed below are the most important factors that you must keep in mind to choose the most suitable wash basin in Dubai.

The size of your bathroom

This is one of the first things that you should consider before installing a wash basin in your bathroom. Considering the size of the basin is critical to ensure you get a harmonious look in your bathroom. The wash basin should comfortably fit within the bathroom. If the size is too big it will stand out, and if it’s too small the basin will not serve its purpose. Thus, you need to strike a perfect balance in terms of size. The mounting of the basin will also affect its size, so you should do everything after taking accurate measurements. Make sure you choose your faucets and taps accordingly to match the size and style of your bathroom.

The mounting of the basin

Choosing the right mounting can be a bit tricky. You will find a variety of mounting options to choose from. These options vary from each other and have their own merits and demerits. While the wall-mounted basins are attached to the bathroom and offer a sturdy feel, the countertop basins are exceptional space savers. Each mounting style will take up a different space and provide a unique look. Thus, it’s better to compare all of them before making a final choice. If you have a small bathroom, choosing a space-saving solution will be better. However, elaborate mounting will work perfectly in large bathrooms.

Storage options

This is often a missed opportunity for many homeowners. Since the wash basin style can be coupled with a vanity, you can get extra storage space if you want. Adding a vanity below your basin is a great choice for small bathrooms. Not only does it help you store your personal belongings in the bathroom, but it allows you to maximize space and avoid clutter. If you have limited bathroom space, then you must think about adding a storage vanity below your basin. You will need to choose a suitable design and ask for the provider’s suggestions to ensure it’s installed perfectly.

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Style of your basin

In addition to the mounting and size, you should also focus on the wash basins’ style. Every house has different aesthetics and you should choose pieces that match the aesthetics of your home. If you plan on creating a more contemporary and modern bathroom, choosing a minimalist style will be the best choice for you. It will help you create a clean and modern look within your bathroom. However, if you have a bigger space and you plan on going big, choosing more elaborate styles will do the trick. Make sure you have aesthetics in mind before finalizing a basin for your bathroom.

The right material

This is one of the most important choices you need to make. A wash basin in Dubai is used several times a day. The main purpose of a wash basin is to be used by members and guests. Since the wash basin is used so often, you must choose the right material. You should look for a material that is durable and can withstand extreme temperatures. Since you will be using both hot and cold water, the basin must be able to handle it. If you choose a non-durable material, the basin might get damaged in a few years and require replacement. Thus, choosing strong materials with a resistant coating will be the best option for your home.

Final words

TAPS & MORE Dubai | How to choose the most suitable washbasin for your bathroom?

Choosing the right wash basin is extremely important, and these tips will help you find the perfect one for your bathroom needs. Choosing the right supplier is just as important as finding the right design. TAPS & MORE offers a variety of high-quality wash basins in Dubai. You can browse our collection and choose a design that best fits your needs. Visit our website to look at the collection or get in touch with our specialized team at +971 4 3207300.